Traci Dobrev is a counselor and coach and she helps people with "energy management". It's not as far-out as you might think. It's all about understand...View Details

Dr David Berman, infectious disease specialist from Johns Hopkins Hospital is back with an update on the coronavirus response and the hunt for a safe ...View Details

There's a time for everything. The time to pivot is now. Doc and The Cop talk about what it takes to pivot, keeping all that is good and leaving behin...View Details

It's been 100 years since women obtained the guarantee to vote. Much has been done to help with that and other issues. Our guest today is Dr Linsey Gr...View Details

John Glaser, new General Manager at the Centre Club in Tampa, Florida is with us. He has a vision for his club and thoughts on how business clubs acro...View Details

State Representative Jackie Toledo is back again and we are talking about campaigning and handling the election during the pandemic. 

Ken Wrede is a world traveler for business and has spent significant blocks of time in both Korea and the Netherlands. He shares his perspective on th...View Details

Debbie Lundberg did what most people couldn't and some people wouldn't do. She donated a kidney to a virtual stranger. Debbie's back as our first thre...View Details

Your host Pat Lynch switches hats today and gives a Realty Check-In. The good, the bad and the opportunities in residential real estate.

Networking guru and serial entrepreneur John Marshall is here and we're talking about how to stay relevant in these turbulent times. 

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