Episode 80 - Nicole Stott

This episode is out of this world! No really. We're talking today with Nicole Stott. She's a retired astronaut who has had the pleasure of living in s...View Details

Episode 79 - Will Smith

Talk about bending to the trends. Our guest today is Will Smith. He's a commercial pilot with a story ripped right out of a made for TV movie. His sto...View Details

Episode 78 - Peter Ripa

We hit a hole-in-one with this episode. Today we're talking with Peter Ripa who organizes PGA tour events. We're talking about how they had to "bend" ...View Details

Episode 77 - Joe Hodges

One Joe may know baseball, but Joe Hodges knows health care. He also knows how painful it can be to sort through all of the clutter to figure out your...View Details

She is the guru of elections in Florida and the nation. Tune in to this special episode featuring Dr Susan McManus, professor emeritus from the Univer...View Details

Episode 75 - Jeff Gigante

He's a restauranteur and entrepreneur and much, much more. Listen in as Jeff Gigante talks about his latest ventures and those still ahead.

David Pillsbury is the CEO of ClubCorp. They manage or own around 200 golf courses and private clubs around the country. Tune in as he discusses their...View Details

You'd be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable about commercial real estate, especially in Tampa Bay. Elliott Ross is our 3rd three-peat gue...View Details

Don't let the title fool you, Phil Hughes is here to talk about disinfecting robots for coronavirus and much, much more. These are neat devices that t...View Details

Our friend and yours, Dr Harold Shinitzky, is back and we are talking about the characteristics needed for success. It doesn't have to be for sports, ...View Details

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