Doc and the Cop are at the helm today and we're talking about What's Important. This is the answer you need to thrive during the pandemic.

Jennifer Frazier is a marketing genius (our words). She will be sharing the secrets to not only surviving, but thriving, in this market.

Aaron Burrus decided to change his life by running. Then he got shot trying to stop a robbery. That didn't stop him, he's back running and running and...View Details

Debbie Lundberg is donating her spare kidney to someone she met at a networking event. Tune in and learn the journey as this special episode airs the ...View Details

There are 3 questions to ask as we navigate through the pandemic. The answers are crucial to your success at the other end.

Rob Coggin & his wife Lexi Balestrieri are here talking about making movies during the pandemic.

Greg Woodward is here and we're talking about sales in the new normal.

Sandy Geroux is here talking about how she had to pivot as a public speaker during the pandemic. You can pivot just like her.

Timing is everything and Debbie Lundberg's latest book has perfect timing. Her latest book teaches you how to be a remote work rockstar. 

Business expert John Nelson is back. This time we are talking about his plans to hike the Appalachian Trail in sections. Did we mention that John is 8...View Details

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